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2021/04/10 2021 GW Notice  
2021/04/10 Notice of change in work schedule  
2020/12/21 About year-end and New Year business  
2020/10/01 Notice  
2020/08/03 Notice of summer holidays  
2020/08/03 Product introduction video has been uploaded.  
2020/04/04 Notice to customers accompanying the outbreak of the new coronavirus(2)  
2020/03/25 Registered in Google Business View.  
2020/03/02 Notice to customers accompanying the outbreak of the new coronavirus  
2020/01/16 Notice to customers using Asahi Sokki Inspection Machines  
2019/12/05 Homepage renewal notice  
2019/01/23 News of “5th Interfax Osaka” Exhibition Exhibition  
2018/09/19 The news which is the number change about an attachment label of a small label marker "L-20"  
2018/08/06 Renewal authentication to ISO 2015 year edition was acquired  
2017/10/01 Notice of sales of ALTIS-RP surface defect evaluator  
2017/09/04 Information of resumption of the "label marker L20" shipment  
2017/04/25 On the delivery date of "Label marker L20"  
2017/02/20 "Convertech JAPAN 2017" Thank you for your visit  
2017/01/18 Convertech JAPAN 2017 Information of exhibition  
2016/08/02 Information of model composition change of pen marker M-100 and M-100S
2016/08/02 Windows10 match pinhole inspection equipment APIS-4000.F Shipment start
2016/03/07 Notice of a small label marker L-20 and the pen marker M100/M100S
2016/02/04 The recall treatment of the parts of PC were completed.
2016/01/06 "ASAHI SOKKI KOREA CO., LTD." Open
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